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Engaged for special purpose …

Your wedding day will take months or even years of planning, and the vows you take will stay with you for the rest of your life. Choose Warren James as your wedding photographers in Gauteng and you’ll have memories to treasure that will bring the day flooding back every time you open your album.

As a photographer seeing the world through colour and form, telling you in words why you should come to Warren James for your wedding photography isn’t easy – but click through the collection of photos here on the site and you’ll quickly realise why couples from across the region insist on us for stunning images that capture the essence of love, romance and marriage. Whether we’re attending a celebration in Pretoria or travelling to the most romantic wedding destination, we’re perfectionists, and creating the very best memories for you is our passion. Your wedding day isn’t just another job for us – we are proud and honoured to be present at your union and our enthusiasm for your special day will be obvious when you look back on photographs that truly illustrate the magic of the day.

As one of the leading Gauteng wedding photographers we also appreciate that your wedding is more than the ceremony and we aim to capture every special moment, freezing them forever, ensuring every loving glance or playful smile is there for you to share with friends and family. As you can see from our on-line gallery, many of our photographs lend themselves to becoming canvas prints or framed photos – and we strive to make every image a remarkable one, never falling back on ‘filler’ photos for your album.
Of course your wedding is as much about enjoyment as it is about commitment, and we want that joy to be there in every photo, so you won’t find us barking orders or insisting on stilted direction, making sure you’re the centre of attention, and rightly so. Let us capture your elegance, your style and your passion for each other and we’ll create true wedding art for you to enjoy forever.
Contact Warren James wedding photographers in Pretoria today, we’d love to hear about your wedding plans and share our ideas with you.