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5 F.A.Q’s to help your wedding day be confidently unique.

So, you’ve gone Facebook official and announced your engagement to the world! Suddenly everyone in your network is congratulating you, and you’re already starting to wonder who of them must be invited to your big day. And this is only the start of everything you have to consider as you begin the big countdown.

Romatinc Wedding Photography

Aside from being one of the best days of your life, your wedding will also be one of the most emotional

If you aren’t a natural-born event planner, all the organisation and project management can be overwhelming. Everything you feel seems heightened; if you’re happy it feels more like delight… and equally so, if something upsets you it feels like the end of the world. This is why you, as the bride-to-be, need to consider your “wedding squad” very carefully.  Everyone that you choose as wedding suppliers (and yes, that includes your retinue) must be committed to one thing above all else: your peace-of-mind, not only on the day but during the lead-up too.  Not to cause you any added anxiety, but this day really is about you (and your Prince Charming, of course), so it’s very important that you feel comfortable with your team of trusted advisors. Someone who has built his entire business around this understanding, is the renowned and highly sought-after wedding photographer, Warren James.

Keep reading for an opportunity to suss out one of the industry’s top wedding photographers and win a free engagement shoot.

Beautiful Wedding Photography

Warren and his team are recognised and respected for their deep connections that they forge with their brides, and clients in general.

From boudoir shoots to wedding days, the whole experience is always defined by a relaxed sense of fun and familiarity, with phenomenal photography as a natural outcome.  This is the very essence of Warren James. “In the years of my career as a professional photographer, I’ve seen amazing things through my lens and heard many questions that almost every bride asks,” explains Warren.  In this series of wedding posts, Warren will be sharing his rare observations from behind-the-scenes – or in his case, behind-the-lens. “Because I’m intent on being my bride’s right-hand man, no disrespect to the groom, my mission is to assure you every step of the way, so let’s start with five of the most frequently asked questions.”


Story Telling

Almost all the couples I work with have some level of a phobia being in-front of the camera. To some it is only a slight concern that their hair and outfit look great, to others, they would rather be in the dentist chair than being “posed” in front of a camera lens. I make it my mission to be sure that every person I photograph feels relaxed and confident while having fun taking photos with me. 

I see my job as being the narrator and visual story-teller of your wedding day. I make it a priority to grok what makes your story unique and also what makes you feel confident and relaxed while we take pictures together. I am intent on capturing individual personalities as much as I am on capturing the perfect shot. It’s all about making my clients feel confident & unique, and then capturing it all on camera.

You’ll be amazed by the magic that naturally happens when my clients are relaxed and not only looking but also feeling like they’re living happily ever after! The rest is up to me, so let’s tell your story together.


Urban Couple Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot is all about story-telling, fantasy and having lots of fun!

As far as photography is concerned, there are several photographic milestones leading up to your wedding day. First, there’s the fun and exciting pre-wedding shoot which could possibly be your first professional photoshoot together as a couple. Now that it’s official you’ll want to show off your love (and your glittering ring) to the world. This is also your opportunity for you as a couple to form a relationship with your photographer and start to get more comfortable interacting with each other. This insight will help your photographer to look out for and capture those unique and intimate moments on your wedding day.


Typically the pre-wedding shoot captures where you are in your lives as a couple. First, you need to decide which setting will be the perfect backdrop for your unique story. Maybe it’s on the university campus where you met, or in the restaurant where you had your first date, or even in an amusement park because fun is what you’re all about as a couple. One of the biggest objectives of this shoot is for your photographer to reassure you, that he can make you feel comfortable in any environment so that you’re not confronted with any awkwardness on the day. Your wedding day shoot is the culmination of all this – the final opportunity to capture every moment authentically as it happens.  I like to look out for the moments between the moments. Your wedding will feel like it’s gone in a blur, so it’s your photographer’s job to capture every step of the journey.


Romantic Wedding Photography Yes, I fall into the category of a “romantic” photographer – just as well I decided to become a wedding photographer, hey? But seriously though, my photographic instinct is highly technical and I see opportunities and angles that other photographers generally don’t see.  The composition, lighting, and acute attention to detail are all signatures of my fairy-tale style and are evident in every shot and every wedding album.


Wedding Album Of course, by all means, but know that I’ll always push for a unique take on the concept. My wedding photography is bespoke and distinctly devoid of cliched shots. After all, that’s why my brides choose me as their photographer.  I will always listen to your ideas though, and then interpret them into a final product that is unmistakably and confidently unique.


Wedding Rain I know that it’s supposed to be a sign of good luck, but having the rain pour down just as you make your big entrance hardly feels lucky! But it’s really not as bad as it seems.  The rain often provides the opportunity for some pretty amazing shots.  By backlighting the raindrops and looking for reflections in puddles I’m able to capture a different kind of romance that only adds to the final product. I do recommend, however, that my brides discuss an indoor/rain plan option with the venue before booking it.  The season you choose to get married in and time of the day will also play a big role in the likelihood of rain. Next in our series of Warren’s Wedding Wisdom, we’ll be featuring the services of other wedding suppliers.  For instance, what are the top 5 things you need to know about choosing the dress and the flowers and the cake?  Because of his unique perspective from behind the lens, Warren is able to offer an objective and valuable opinion on all things wedding as a trusted supplier and friend.

P.S. Did we mention, we are crazy about details?

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“I can’t tell you how many people have complimented us on the fabulous photography not only from our wedding but also from our engagement shoot.

We were not too sure if Warren had experience with “Black African” weddings, but all of our doubts were dispelled once we started working together.

It was amazing to watch someone with such an artistic eye at work, capturing our day so effortlessly. Not only were the pictures stunning, but you were such a lovely presence to have around, which I feel allowed you to catch people at their best, as they were always happy to see you.

We would recommend you to anyone!”

Mwansa & Peter

“Hello Sharon and Warren

Thank you so much for the link to our photos. We love them all. This is really way better than we ever imagined. We are so excited and so so happy”

Rob & Michaela

“Hi warren,

I would like to say a Huge THANK YOU to you & Sharon for capturing our day!

You were so professional, personable and completely relaxed and fun which added to our special day!

The moments you captured I will cherish forever and absolutely cannot stop going through the photos you have sent through! Thank you so much!

You are so talented and will recommend to everyone I know!”

Tammy & John

“Hey Warren,

We are exceptionally happy with your work! Your team fit in perfectly and made us all feel very comfortable throughout the chaos of getting everything ready! Thank you very much, you guys were awesome! We loved having you there!

Astrid & Rolf”

Astrid & Rolf

“What a talented photographer! We couldn’t have been more blessed with you guys as our photographers.

You guys are the best and we are truly so thankful for our photos and the experience we had with you.

You have made our hearts melt with our pictures. I am so obsessed with them.There’s not a day that goes by that l don’t look at them.

Our friends and family are constantly complimenting our wedding photos and how beautiful they are.

Words are not enough to say “Thank you” but we want you to know that our wedding photos are the most important part of our home.

Neo & Daniel

Warren, working with you and your team was such an easy-going experience for us! We loved having you all be a part of our day and making us feel so comfortable throughout this experience.

Taking all of these photos on our wedding day and the day after shoot did not feel like an effort at all but was rather a lot of fun and your guidance, great sense of humour and constant smile made it way easier than we ever could have imagined.

Thanks for capturing some unforgettable moments that we will always love and cherish!!

To all those looking for a photographer – Warren and his team come HIGHLY recommended from the Rosen’s 🙂

Marc & Yael

“Wow these are incredible Warren!!!

Thank you so so much. Jonty and I love them.

You were honestly such a pleasure and breath of the fresh air to work with. You calmed us down and were so clear with all your directions and thoughtfulness.

A truly excellent professional with amazing skill!! We love your work and hope the Jewish community snatches you up based on your pics and those to come!

You made our day such a pleasure for us💃🏻💕

Jonty & Hinor

“My husband and I experienced Warren James Photography as an artist-at-work combined with a feeling of comfort.

Your wedding day should be both whimsical and comfortable, in order to truly enjoy the experience. Warren and his team makes this possible.”

I was extremely satisfied that you really listened to what I liked and disliked, and worked with that.

I am proud to say that my wedding photography was done by you”

Desiree & Jaco

“Dear Warren James and team

Thank you for the most beautiful photos you and your assistant created for us, capturing our most memorable moments to keep with us forever.

You have a wonderful gift and I will recommend you to everyone.

Warmest Regards”

Ryno & Rouxmandi