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What makes great wedding photography?

As wedding photographers we have come to truly appreciate the process of capturing memories that only get more valuable with time. Great wedding photography goes far beyond the boundaries of  just documenting the events of your wedding day. To photograph truly great memories requires insight, intuition and the ability to connect with the people you are photographing.

Within the genre of wedding photography, stunning art pieces are crafted together through competence in your skill together with  (and more importantly) understanding your clients wants and needs. Each couple we photograph is different and unique in their own special way. As passionate wedding photographers we want to provide our clients with beautiful art pieces for them to hang on their walls that will bring them years of beauty and joy. It is essential that we are able to apply our own signature Warren James characteristic and style to what our clients are looking for.

Unique Wall Art

With Warren’s storytelling approach to photography the focus is on the overall experience rather than the traditional process of picture taking. We have tailored our workflow to ensure that every one of our clients are able to have their wedding photography event a truly enjoyable experience.  This ensures that you too can have your unique story translated into beautiful wall art. Warren James Photography only uses the industries best and most reputable suppliers. Whether you commission a large canvas, acrylic print or a framed fine art piece, you can be sure that only the best materials, processes and craftsmanship have been used to create it.