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Picture perfect wedding images

“A gentle reminder from your wedding photographer, to correct your posture, will be appreciated for many years to come.” 

Posing should be fun!

After years of waiting for your perfect match you can now look forward to one of the best days of your life. Sourcing the best wedding photographers for your wedding needs are of paramount importance. Fujifilm X-CameraNot only would your photographers understand posing in all it’s glorious technicality, but your wedding photographers should also make you look your very best while still being a super fun, easy and unforgettable experience. You will often find an over emphasis on either the technical or the intuitive parts of wedding photography. To find wedding photographers that have the ability to marry both is worth his\her weight in gold! At Warren James Photography, this is one of the things that we do best!

We understand how intimidating it could be to have a lens stare at you in wondrous neutrality. We get it, you are pretty much as comfortable as a bottle nose dolphin would be swimming through the Karoo. Therefore, we have compiled the following list of tips for your consideration. After all, nobody wants to be looking like a shop-front mannequin on your wedding photos.

With us, your photo experience is motivated by the visual results of love, romance and joy. You will be invited to encounter your partner in a natural and authentic way while we capture your picture-perfect moments. Here are a couple of easy to digest secrets regarding posing and looking your best in your wedding dress.

1. Posture, posture &… posture.

Shoulders back, chin out! Don’t slouch, it doesnt look cool in a wedding dress. By keeping your shoulders back and chest out, it will allow for a flattering posture. Wedding dresses can be heavy, but that shouldnt get you down. Keeping your chin out avoids the ‘double chin’ effect and will make your neck look longer, more feminine and elegant. A gentle reminder from your wedding photographer, to correct your posture, will be appreciated for many years to come. 

2. When holding your bouquet.

Weddings are mady up of small details that come together to showcase the big picture. When you hold your bouquet (or anything else for that matter) it should look and feel natural. You should ask yourself “would it be comfortable to hold this thing like this for half an hour?”. As a general rule elbows should not be held at 90 degree angles and your wrists should not be angled outward (But don’t worry we will be looking out for this anyway).

3. Balance & Curves  

Keep it curvy! It is always a good idea to keep your weight on one leg and usually this should be the leg furthest from the camera. This gives your body its great and naturally lavish shape. If you are very slim and would like to accentuate your bodies curves, simply push out your hip just a little more. Keep your posture upright to avoid looking un-balanced.

4. Smile Naturally

Let your smile reflect what words find immeasurable. Don’t feel that you need to smile in every picture as a smile should come naturally and not rehearsed. We feel that a wide scope of emotions should be captured during a wedding day. This could be anything from a quiet moment shared or a spontaneous instant of laughter. 

5. Trust your photographer

Allow us to do what we do best… Take photos that woo you. It is our privilege to keep you looking at your very best in your wedding photos.

6. Have Fun (This is our top tip)

Remember beautiful pictures are not about striking the perfect pose. Relax and have fun on your wedding day, if you have chosen the right photographer your wedding pictures will speak for themselves.

We cannot wait to share the excitement and reward that awaits you when you receive your final wedding album, artfully designed and adorned with photographs of what could only be a picture perfect bride…You.