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Sneak peek at the Fuji XT2 for portrait photography

by | Aug 5, 2016

What is all this Fuji fuss about?

Since the launch of the very popular Fuji XT1 I have been aware of a very distinct buzz that has surrounded the X-series pro mirror-less camera system. Reports have trickled through of a lighter and physically smaller camera system that produces the same outstanding image quality as our top brand SLR full frame sensor camera’s (and some argue a superior image quality). Personally I found this very difficult to believe, how can you get the same image quality from a smaller sensor? I’ve been a fan of my full frame sensor and have been using Nikon pro bodies and lenses for many years now. It was not until my good friend Danie Bester & I visited Fuji on behalf of DPC | Digital Photography Courses that I actually had the opportunity to test these rumors out for myself. Immediately I started fiddling with the controls and found overall usability of the camera very intuitive. What really blew me away though was the creamy bokeh and responsiveness that I got from their equivalent 85mm 1.4 Nikon lens that I have been using.


Shooting pleasure

After a productive meeting with the friendly fellas from Fuji they asked Danie and I if we would like a lone unit for two weeks. After my first impression with the XT2 I was really keen to take it out over the weekend for some real-life testing. My first gig for the weekend was a boudoir shoot where it went all about performance in lowlight, shallow depth of field and pleasant skin tones. I found the camera to do an outstanding job in all these regards and soon I was confidently shooting at Iso 6400 and above. Something else that I found extremely helpful on the boudoir shoot was the fact that I now could move my focus points to the edges of my frame without having to recompose my shot. This is especially helpful when shooting at very wide apertures. Keeping the best for last, I have to mention the size and portability of the system. I truly love my Nikon equipment but after full days work the weight of my big bodies and lenses truly weigh me down. It was refreshing to carry around equipment up to 40% lighter without having to compromise on image quality



My conclusion to this non-technical peek at the Fuji XT2 is that its a very capable camera for the demands of a professional portrait photographer. I love the film looks that I got from the camera profiles (Im using the new Classic Chrome – similar to the epic Kodachrome film of old, for my colour work and the ACROS …with yellow filter, for my black and whites). To finish the images off I have  subtle split toning and film grain added in Lightroom.

Images from the day