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Wow, what an exciting opportunity to be able to have input into the wonderful journey a photographer embarks on when they decide to take their wedding photography to the next level. The 5-day DPC Wedding Photography Workshop provides the perfect platform for 2 of South Africa’s foremost wedding photographers to share their insights into this fast-paced genre of photography.

Wedding Photography Workshop

A few images were taken at the DPC Wedding Photography Workshop

Trompie & Warren presented a knowledge packed, hands-on workshop over 2 theoretical weekends and an all-day practical.

Here is a short overview of what was covered with the wedding photography workshop students:

Day 1-2: Commercial and Marketing Aspects of Wedding Photography

On the first two days, we focused on the commercial and marketing side of wedding photography. This includes discussions on developing a personal style, branding your business and other administrative and creative issues that a wedding photographer faces.

Day 3: Practical Shoot

We had a shoot with three gorgeous female models as well as a couple shoot, covering various basic as well as creative lighting techniques; from working with natural light to more elaborate flash and artificial lighting setups. We also covered some very important aspects related to posing and working with the models, and couple.

Day 4-5: Digital Workflow

On day 4-5 we covered digital workflow; from image selections to editing, and creating wedding albums. Our focus here is to establish consistency and accuracy without sacrificing creativity by using the latest and greatest editing software, custom-presents and online services.

Techniques Learned

The “wedding shoot” is really the highlight of the wedding course and I would like to share some of the techniques we covered:


We discussed the different approaches to ease your new (and often times nervous) clients into a relaxed, playful and enjoyable photo shoot.

Engagement Shoot Black Horse Brewery

Shooting for the album

It’s important to be able to tell stories with your images that flow naturally into each other. This entails careful selection of lens choice, lighting conditions, poses, emotion and composition. The below images were taken using our reflector to create soft and romantic light it which to shoot our clients during early morning sunlight.

Engagement Shoot Black Horse Brewery

Posing your clients

We understand the “moment” shots are what counts but when it comes to picture-perfect portraits wedding photographers need to be able to pose their clients in an effective way. Here Warren James is demonstrating simple yet highly effective ways of getting the best out of your clients. For more about the DPC posing workshop presented by Warren visit: Posing 101 Workshop

Wedding Posing Wedding Posing Wedding PosingWedding Posing

Detail Shots:

Here we showed our students how to use interesting surrounding elements with simple lighting techniques to create beautiful wedding detail shots:

Wedding Details Wedding Details

Getting Ready Images

Here we showed how to use your indoor as well as outdoor area’s to create depth and elegance for getting ready images.

Bridal Getting Ready

Warren using a LED light indoors for elegant indoor images.

Trompie showing the students how to effectively use outdoor areas for the groom’s preparation images.


Groom Black Horse BreweryBride Black Horse BreweryWe recreated our own window light using a reflector for these simple makeup images.

Shooting in harsh light.

As wedding photographers, one of the biggest challenges we face is difficult lighting conditions. Being able to shoot in any lighting condition is a wedding photographer’s most important tool sets, and this includes harsh daylight sun.

Harsh Light Photography
Using a reflector, we showed our students how to make harsh light work for us.

Flash Photography

Here the DPC team showed our students how to effectively balance the bright ambient light from the sky and distant hills using high powered strobes. We used a large softbox & Photon 600W strobe light powered by a portable battery pack to create punchy and eye-catching images.

Trompie using the 600W Photon Location lighting kit to balance out the ambient light.

Conceptual Storytelling

We all know how effective the power of story is. Being able to translate your client’s wedding story into imagery is essential for wedding photographers. Warren demonstrates here how to embellish your client’s wedding story with conceptual images.

Wedding Storytelling

Using Soft light to your advantage.

We all know that the golden hour gives us the best light. That does not mean that we cannot make it even better. Trompie demonstrates here how to capture a beautiful sitting shot during the “good light” photo session.

Golden Hour
Making good light great is a powerful tool in a wedding photographer’s skill set.

Sunset Images

Without a cloud in sight, we showed our students how to extract added colour from a sunset using custom white balance methods. We also showed our students how to use silhouette images to tell the sunset story.

Wedding Sunset

Wrap up

Thank-you to everyone involved in putting together another very successful DPCwedding photography workshop:

Course Admin and Makeup: Jenna Bester

Models: Rynhard Maritz and Jasmin Cloete

Outfits were provided by Dream Bride


A few other behind the scene images: