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Wedding boudoir – A celebration for the bride-to-be

Your big day has arrived and you are bubbling with joy and excitement. Your hair and make-up looks georgeous, your dream wedding dress waiting in anticipation for you to slip into, and you looking your absolute best! A bridal boudoir session is a perfect opportunity for you to celebrate your beauty, femininity and future devotion to your one and only.

Did you know, Warren has won multiple awards for his bridal boudoir photography? Warren placed 2nd and 5th in Africa’s biggest wedding awards competition! Ask us more about this.

Your boudoir session should be viewed a fun and enriching part of your overall wedding experience.

If you like the idea of adding a bridal boudoir photography session to your wedding photography experience I offer the following advise and guidelines:

  • Allow a dedicated 30-45 min in your wedding program for the shoot.
  • Schedule the shoot after your hair and make-up has been done (A good time to do the shoot is while hair and make-up is being done on the other girls)
  • Get some inspiration. A simple google search “wedding boudoir” will bring up plenty of inspiration for your photography session. Feel free to bring the images along on your phone or email them to me before your wedding day. This will give me a good idea of what images appeals to you and I can style the shoot accordingly.
  • Lets keep distractions and fuss to a minimum. I do not recommend having too many people accompanying the shoot. However, I do require you to be accompanied by at least one other woman that you are comfortable around (Mother or bridesmaid).
  • Keep a robe handy. I advise you to have a plain coloured robe or nighty available for practicality and comfort.
  • Feel free to use this as the perfect excuse to go buy yourself some underwear you love!
  • Let us know what parts of your body you or your future hubby likes most. This might be eyes, smile, legs, bottom, chest, tummy, etc.

If you are very shy, feel free to specify the level of nudity that you are comfortable with beforehand. Full nudity is never an option and not suited for bridal boudoir. 

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Robe or nighty with lingerie underneath (Covered at all times)
  • Lingerie (This will include top and bottom)
  • Topless with bottoms (We totally understand that you are not a professional underware model! We guide you in a stylish fashion to cover your breasts when required using your hands, pillow, hair etc. The benefit for you with this option is natural skin amplifies softness and feminity in an image. When we are not clicking the shutter you will be fully covered)

Lastly…. Have fun!! Like any of our other photography sessions we will do our best to make sure that you are relaxed & having fun during your shoot. We will pose you when needed but remember that this session is about celebrating you and your hubby that is eagerly waiting for you on the other end of that isle!

Note: We only offer this service to clients who have already booked a wedding with us.

E-mail us for current rates on wedding boudoir sessions (You should have our email address at this stage, we try to avoid spam.)